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Local TV HD Antenna

Want to ditch your cable or have a satellite service that does not include local channels, you may need a TV antenna. A TV antenna will allow you to get free local programming, but with all of the new technology available it is important to choose the right one.

No single TV antenna is the best choice for every location.

The main factors when choosing the best antenna for your local channels are:

  • What TV signal frequencies your local TV stations are using to broadcast the TV signal.
  • What terrain between your location and the TV stations is a major factor when choosing the best antenna.
  • There's no magic formula that will produce a smaller antenna that will outperform a bigger antenna assuming proper design is applied to both antennas.
  • Set top indoor antennas of any kind never outperform properly designed outdoor antennas. If your location is very close to the TV station transmitters and the building materials used to construct your house will allow the TV signal to penetrate through the walls an indoor antenna may work.
  • When choosing the best antenna for local channels consider the distance from your location to the station transmitter. Although distance is a factor terrain will usually play a bigger role in determining the reception range of any antenna. Hills, dense forestry, mountains and buildings can have a major effect on TV antenna range. We can help you figure out which is best for your location.
  • TV antenna range will also be determine by the installed antenna elevation above ground. Antenna range will increase with antenna elevation. The greater the distance between the TV station broadcast transmitter and the receiving antenna at your home the higher the antenna must be installed to receive the TV signal.
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