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My name is Greg Appleby and I am the sole owner and operator of Action Satellite & Home Theater of Edmond, Oklahoma. I have been a Dish Network independent dealer since it's launch around 1994 and a dealer for their parent company, Echostar, LLC, since the early 1980's. I feel Dish has the edge on innovations in the home entertanment field. Their competition, DirecTV and ATT Uverse, either follow Dish Network's lead or invent features that really don't work well in the home. Dish Network wins awards every year at Consumer Electronics Shows for new developments and designs. They are the industry leader in High Definition Programming at the lowest rates.

I do, however, service many DirecTV accounts from customers I've established over the 35 years I have been dealing in home electronics. Re-mounting and re-aligning DirecTV satellite dishes after a re-roofing job, or simply a quick service call if their system is down, are common jobs I'll perform. Even though I am not a "certified" DirecTV Dealer or Service Center, THEY still recommend Action Satellite to their customers if DirecTV can't service them immediately.

I also sell and install Home Theather Systems of all types. Yamaha, Denon, Monitor and Boston Acoustics are my major brand names, along with Optoma Projectors and Elite Projection Screens. I will install and add onto existing home audio and video systems, whether its mounting a TV on a wall, running wires and cables, mounting new indoor or outdoor speakers, programming remotes, etc... I also install or sevice local broadcast HD antennas and tuners for those that want FREE local TV or to back-up satellite or cable systems during storms.

As of my background and experience, my father, Gordon Appleby, began Gordon's TV and Appliance, Inc. in 1958 and was one of the leading electronics stores and service centers in central Oklahoma for many years. I started working full-time for Gordon's in 1978 as General Manager and Co-owner until 1999 when I closed Gordon's TV and began an even more personalized Action Satellite in Edmond. I feel that friendly, knowledgeable, fast and reasonable personal service is my greatest asset over larger, impersonal & poorly staffed satellite and home theater companies in the Oklahoma City area.

I am the only sales person you will speak to on the phone, taking notes on what was discussed to avoid third and forth party communication problems. And I am the only one installing your system, which means I am the best person to call if there are any questions or problems. I have a great memory for the custom systems I have installed over the years. I can't tell you how many simple problems I have solved for my customers over the phone, even driving down the highway, because I remembered their system and could trouble shoot and solve their problems with a few simple instructions. This saves them a lot of down-time and money from delayed service calls by a technician they've never met before and will probably never see again due to high job turn-over. Long-term customer /technician relationships are the best. To be able to get help quickly from someone you know at almost any time night or day is a great advantage in service. So isn't that the kind of relationship you'd like to have with a technician governing your audio-video system? It's possibly the most important system in your home! So please make a wise choice next time you need some electronics and call Action Satellite & Home Theatre and be treated the way you deserve: like Royality.

Check out the great Dish Network specials & promotions and take advantage of the savings and great service. Thanks for considering Action Satellite & Home Theater.


Greg Appleby, Owner
Action Satellite & Home Theater

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I hired Greg @ Action Satelite to run speaker wire through my house, install surround sound speakers, and configure everything into a multi-zone receiver. Greg went above and beyond what I expected. He was very professional and I thought highly enough of him, to get back on this website to rate my experience. I would definetly do business with Action Satelite again, and would highly recommend them to anyone else who might need their services.
Homeowner Yukon

Loved working w/ Greg the tv's look great and next up is surround sound install
Homeowner OKC

Responsive, professional, reliable
Homeowner Edmond